Amplibox® configuration

Welcome to the Amplibox® auto setup page using a QR code!
This function is only available with Bluetooth® Amplibox® on which appears the blue BT logo in the upper right corner (see...)
Here is how to proceed :
1. Select from the list below the parameters to generalize to your Amplibox® and generate the corresponding Qrcode
2. Download the Vocal Vest® application on your Android smartphone (Application to download here) (Download application here)
3. Restart all Amplibox® to update (Bluetooth® connection will be active for the next 15 minutes)
4. Follow the instructions on your smartphone
Mute microphone option when clicking OK button
Maximum volume level
Volume : 20
Input volume level
Level : 0
Output volume level
Level : 20
Input microphone level
Level : 0
Output microphone level
Level : 0
10 – Smartphones (ex : S30 Caterpillar) with equalizer filters 11 - Smartphones (ex : Caterpillar) very cold environment 01 - Vocollect T2/T2X/T5/A500/A720 02 - Vocollect T2/T2X/T5/A500/A720 noisy environment 04 - WT41N0 standard 03 - MC3190 standard 05 - Taurus 9700 with filters 07 - Prologistik environment Standard 08 - Prologistik very cold environment 06 - WT41N0 with filters 00 - Manual settings 12 – Smartphones (ex : Caterpillar) standard environment microphone standard microphone extreme cold French English German Spanish Italian Dutch Chinese Russian Polish Thai Cambodian (nextly available) Burmese (nextly available)