General presentation of the Vocal Vest®


In the world of voice picking, the Vocal Vest® is a small revolution which is generating huge interest. This unique item of high-tech work clothing is the final result of an intense R&D effort, including live trialing and input from high numbers of end-users. More than 1250 hours and € 200.000 were invested in the design and manufacture of first prototypes. The patented system is equipped with removable earphones, a flexible microphone with screw-on jack plug, and an external electronic amplifier unit whose functions include inputting of software parameters and ambient noise filtering. Current vocal solutions using standard headsets face seemingly insurmountable barriers to implementation among certain sectors- headsets can “isolate” workers socially, and carry the risk of user discomfort, earache or headaches- and Bluetooth headset users can add the possibility of as-yet little understood medical risks associated with their long term use. Where some or all of these issues are faced, the Vocal Vest® provides a real alternative to traditional headsets used in voice picking applications. Offering a high level of comfort and ergonomics, the Vocal Vest® greatly extends the usefulness of voice picking solutions by creating new and improved working conditions for more operators. Voice commands are naturally heard in both ears, while the head is completely freed from the daily constraint of headbands and earpieces. The jacket was designed in close association with high numbers of real voice-picking operators, CHSCT (Committee for Health and Safety at Work) departments of large retailers, company doctors, and union representatives of warehouses belonging to key French retail groups. In addition to providing comfort to operators, particular attention was also given to providing a fast return on investment to customers, and low-cost, low-hassle maintenance.

Operator Benefits

  • Total freedom from headsets, headbands, and earpieces
  • Natural, balanced sound environment (less tiring)
  • Reduction of the direct sound in both ears (risk of hearing damage or loss decreased or eliminated)
  • Highly comfortable material,design and audio, less restrictive and tiring on long work shifts
  • “One size fits all”, with adjustment possible from XS to XXXL (see « Adjustments of Vocal Vest® above)
  • Ultra low weight for operators
  • Pleasant to use, even when performing heavy lifting with one or both hands
  • Most small-sized vocal terminals can be worn directly on the Vocal Vest®
  • Cabling and microphone can be assembled for left or right handed operators
  • Includes amplifier with multiple adjustments and audio signal improvement (see “Ampli Box ® settings” above)
  • High capacity battery allows ultra long work shift of the Ampli Box® (the vocal terminal battery shift is also much improved, without a headset attached)
  • Customizable Vocal Vest®

Customer Benefits

  • Operating temperatures: -22° F to 122° F / -30° C to 50° C
  • Storage temperatures: -40° F to 140° F / -40° C to 60° C
  • “One size fits all”, limiting the number of models to order
  • Machine-washable jacket (with all accessories removed)
  • Low-cost repair kits available for all components (sets of 5 to 10 units)
  • Low maintenance, most repairs can be performed in minutes without needing to be sent off-site (except Ampli Box®) > decrease in the stock of spares, downtime and shipping costs
  • Flexible 6-Station Ampli Box® charger, can also be configured as 3 charging stations for Ampli Box® / 3 for vocal terminal battery via interchangeable adaptor cups system
  • Can be used with all types of vocal terminals, including smartphones (via adapter cables supplied with Vocal Vest®)
  • Vocal terminals can be changed without needing to replace chargers. Only charger adaptor cups and terminal connector cables may need replacing
  • Optional accessories available- cables, multi- storage racks for jackets and vocal terminals … etc
  • ROI faster than headsets over 2-3 years, according to the observed rate of headset breakages in warehouses and industrial plants
  • High level of employee satisfaction and comfort
  • Potential decrease of work stoppages related to headaches, hearing loss, etc
  • Potential solution to worker resistance to vocal systems usage

Vocal Vest® Adjustment


The Vocal Vest® is highly adjustable to suit all body types:

  • Universal size
  • Left- or right- hand design for better comfort and adjustment
  • Elastic belts with variable length
  • Height adjustment of the front belt
  • Space between both jacket flaps for large users
  • Soft metal edges “remember” user shoulder shape
  • Removable adjustable back strap (recommended for wearing over a T-shirt)
  • Soft reinforcement on the back strap to avoid any inconvenience for forklift operators
  • Microphone positionable on the right or left earphone
  • Ampli Box® positionable on the right or left side of the jacket

Ampli Box® Adjustments


The battery powered Ampli Box® allows amplification of the vocal terminal audio signal to both speakers, while also allowing multiple sound adjustments. All settings and adjustments are made via 4 buttons, with menus and actions announced over the speakers. A multicolored LED also indicates various statuses, such as “mic paused” or “battery low”. An audible low battery warning is also given over the speakers.

The settings of the Ampli Box® are:

  • Volume
  • Mic check
  • Microphone entry setting (sensitivity of the microphone according to the environment - e.g. : ambient music)
  • Microphone exit setting (sensitivity of the sound sent to the vocal terminal)
  • 13-track equalizer (elimination of spurious tones in speakers)
  • Multiple basic setting presets available for various vocal terminal types
  • Microphone pausing directly on jacket
  • Coming up, automatic sound environment sensing for elimination of spurious tones



Numerous accessories are available (see the menu Accessories for pictures), such as:

  • Snap-on strap for the Ampli Box®
  • Velcro holders for small vocal terminals (compatible with the Ampli Box®)
  • Charger adaptor cups for the Ampli Box® and batteries of many vocal terminals (e.g.: Talkman T2, T2X, T5, WT4090, VOW, WT41N0, MC3090, MC3190, ….)
  • Multiple adapter cables between the Vocal Vest® with its Quick Disconnect connector (fast disconnection in case of snagging) and various types of vocal terminals
  • Storage racks for the Vocal Vest® and chargers
  • Maintenance kits for lots of 5 to 10 pieces (cables, earphones, microphones, …)
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