General presentation of the Vocal Vest® 2

In the world of voice picking, the Vocal Vest® is a small revolution which is generating huge interest. This unique item of high-tech work clothing is the final result of an intense R&D effort, including live trialing and input from high numbers of end-users. More than 1250 hours and € 200.000 were invested in the design and manufacture of first prototypes.

Current voice solutions using standard headsets face problems that can be difficult to overcome when implementing them in new industrial sites or warehouses. Users of single-ear headsets regularly complain about :
  • Discomfort, headache or earache, disorientation due to sound imbalance ;
  • High levels of fatigue at the end of the workday ;
  • Danger when driving forklift trucks due to excessive concentration on one ear, reducing awareness of ambient noise and other surrounding dangers ;
  • Social exclusion.
  • Long-term Bluetooth headset users may face medical issues.

If one or more of these problems occur, VOCAL VEST® 2 is a great alternative to traditional headsets. Providing a high level of comfort and ergonomics, the 2nd generation Vocal Vest significantly extends the usefulness of voice solutions by bringing new and improved working conditions for more users.

The vest was developed in close association with a large number of users of voice solutions, various CHSCTs, occupational medicine departments and representatives of trade unions, managers and warehouse directors of major French groups.
VOCAL VEST® 2 sous toutes les coutures!
VOCAL VEST® 2 sous toutes les coutures!

How does VOCAL VEST® 2 work ?


The equipment consists of two main components: the VOCAL VEST® 2 and the AMPLIBOX® 2
- The VOCAL VEST® 2 is like a shoulder-mounted headset with 2 loudspeakers

  • The screw-on microphone can be installed on either the right or left side
  • Size is suitable for everyone from XS to 3XL thanks to its adjustable waistband
  • The AMPLIBOX® 2 can be clipped in 6 different positions with 4 orientations per position
  • Numerous cable management systems allow for highly personalised ergonomics
VOCAL VEST® 2 adaptées à toutes les tailles

- The AMPLIBOX® 2 is an interface between the vest and most devices for voice solutions

  • It enhances the sound so that it is loud and clear enough for both loudspeakers
  • Specific presets for each voice terminal are available, making the AMPLIBOX® 2 "plug & play"
  • Customer-specific presets are also possible (e.g. volume limitation)
  • Each user can adjust the volume directly on the AMPLIBOX® 2 and even mute the microphone
  • There is no screen on the AMPLIBOX® 2 and all menus and sub-menus are voice-activated
AMPLIBOX® 2 MADE_IN_FRANCE, fabriqués en France VOCAL VEST® 2 sous toutes les coutures!

Voice terminal interface


1. The voice terminal receives information via WiFi

2. Destination and/or other voice commands are sent to the AMPLIBOX® 2 instead of headset

3. These messages are enhanced or improved in the AMPLIBOX® 2

4. ... then sent to the VOCAL VEST® 2 speakers

5. The user confirms the commands via microphone

6. Validations are sent to the voice terminal to obtain the next command

AMPLIBOX® 2 battery shift life is about 8 to 11 hours at 21°C according to usage level and ambient temperature.

VOCAL VEST® 2, interface avec les terminaux vocaux

Operator Benefits

  • The head is totally free of headphones, headbands and earphones
  • More natural with balanced sound in both ears
  • Reduction of direct and focused sound in the ear (reducing or eliminating the risk of hearing loss)
  • Comfortable materials, design and audio equipment for less restrictive and less tiring work
  • "One size fits all", with possible adjustments from XS to 3XL
  • Very low overall weight for users
  • Pleasant to use : users are more focused on their environment and vehicles
  • Most small voice devices, PDAs and smartphones can be worn directly on the Vocal Vest® 2 : users can easily carry heavy loads with one or both hands at the same time
  • The cabling and positions of the microphone, the Amplibox® and the voice terminal can be placed on the right or left
  • The AMPLIBOX® 2 includes multiple sound settings and enhancements (presets, languages, audio settings, microphone test, ...)
  • AMPLIBOX® 2's high-capacity battery enables long working hours without interruption
  • The voice terminal battery is not used for sound, substantially increasing its shift life
  • The VOCAL VEST® 2 is highly configurable with numerous accessories and presets
  • Single and Quad chargers are available for AMPLIBOX® 2
VOCAL VEST® 2, close-up on the vest worn on anorak

Customer Benefits

  • Operating temperatures : 32° F to 122 ° F / 0° C to 50° C
  • Storage temperatures : -40° F to 140° F / -40° to 60° C
  • “One size fits all”, limiting the number of models to order
  • Low-cost repair kits available for each part and for all components
  • Low maintenance : most repairs can be completed on-site in seconds or minutes, reducing spare parts and shipping costs
  • Hardware compatible with all popular voice terminals, including new smartphones (via Quick Disconnect adapters and cables with 3.5mm jack plugs)
  • The vest is fully removable and can be machine cleaned (after removing all audio components such as headphones, brackets and cables) and tumble dried
  • Clean installation thanks to the 4-position chargers (only 1 power cable needed for up to 20 chargers in series)
  • Single charger available for demonstrations or training
  • Fast ROI over 3 years compared to headsets, considering the frequency of breakage observed in warehouses and factories
  • High level of satisfaction and comfort for employees
  • Improves working conditions and reduces employee burden
  • Potential reduction in work stoppages caused by chronic headaches, "hearing loss", fatigue, etc.
  • Good solution for any employee reluctant to use a voice system
VOCAL VEST® 2, de nombreux avantages sociaux, économiques

Vocal Vest® 2 Adjustment


The VOCAL VEST® 2's multiple settings allow it to be adjusted to fit any user's shape and size :

  • Universal size from XS to 3XL thanks to the adjustable belt
  • Symmetrical adjustments throughout the vest for better comfort and fit
  • Belt height adjustment
  • Ample front spacing for heavy persons
  • Wire frame « remembers » the shape of the vest at shoulder level
  • Removable back strap (recommended for wearing over a T-shirt)
  • Soft reinforcement on the rear strap to prevent any discomfort to drivers
  • Microphone can be positioned on either the right or left side
  • AMPLIBOX® 2 can be positioned on the right or left side of the vest (six positions with four orientations each)

Different positions and orientations of the AMPLIBOX® 2 thanks to its clip :
VOCAL VEST® 2, positions et orientations de l'AMPLIBOX® 2 VOCAL VEST® 2, positions & orientations de l'AMPLIBOX® 2

Sheaths and cable grommets allowing numerous customizations :
VOCAL VEST® 2, positions et orientations de l'AMPLIBOX® 2 VOCAL VEST® 2, structure de la veste permettant personnalisation

Amplibox® 2 settings


The self-powered AMPLIBOX® 2 amplifies the sound of the voice terminal to send it to both speakers, while offering the possibility of multiple audio settings. All settings can be made via the 4 buttons on the front panel of the AMPLIBOX® 2, with menus and actions announced directly through the headphones. A multicoloured LED also indicates different states, such as the microphone pausing (in order to mute it momentarily), or low battery level (also announced via the speakers).
The AMPLIBOX® 2 settings are as follows :

  • Volume
  • Microphone test
  • Microphone input setting (microphone sensitivity according to the sound environment - e.g. ambient music)
  • Microphone output setting (sensitivity of the sound sent to the voice terminal)
  • 13-track equalizer (eliminates parasitic sounds in headphones)
  • Settings presets (basic settings depending on the type of voice terminal)
  • Pause the microphone directly on the vest

Thanks to the new Bluetooth setup function and the application (nextly downloadable here on the website, in the Support / AMPLIBOX® 2 configuration section) that can be installed on an Android smartphone, the AMPLIBOX® 2 can also be set up much more easily and quickly. After connecting the AMPLIBOX® 2 and the smartphone via Bluetooth, simply go to the related section of the site (Support / AMPLIBOX® 2 Configuration / Settings entry), select your voice device, choose the language and other options to generate a QR code and scan with your Android smartphone. In this way the Amplibox® 2 is updated in less than 5 seconds.

VOCAL VEST® 2, positions et orientations de l'AMPLIBOX® 2



In order to allow maximum customization to the VOCAL VEST® 2, many accessories have been developed and are offered. All the VOCAL VEST® 2 spare parts are also available to carry out maintenance, easily and quickly, "on site".

  • The VOCAL VEST® 2 is equipped as standard of a spring clip for AMPLIBOX® 2
  • In option, others clips are available to fix your PDA or smartphone (in a SILVERBACK holder as an option), a VOCOLLECT Talkman or other small voice terminals
  • Intelligent single- and four-position industrial chargers are available, with customization depending on the batteries
  • Charger adaptor cups for the Amplibox® and Amplibox® 2 and batteries of many vocal terminals (e.g.: Talkman T2, T2X, T5, WT4090, VOW, WT41N0, MC3090, MC3190, ….)
  • Multiple adapter cables between the Vocal Vest® 2 with its Quick Disconnect connector (fast disconnection in case of snagging) and various types of vocal terminals
  • Maintenance kits (cables, earphones, microphones, …)
VOCAL VEST® 2, solutions de charge modulables
Choose your AMPLIBOX® 2 part number and accessories
VOCAL VEST® 2, solutions de charge modulables
1 - AMPLIBOX® 2 option PDA or Quick Disconnect
# Description

AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
2 AMPLIBOX® 2 to VOCAL VEST® 2 cable
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
3 With jack adapter for PDA / Smartphone
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
4 With standard QD adapter cable
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
AMPLIBOX® 2, références accessoires
2 - Adding additional cables and accessories
# Description of the adapters only for the choice of the part number SP-AMPLIBOX2-QD

5 QD adapter >> VOCOLLECT T2/T2X/T5/A500 terminals (SC-QDIS&VOC2)
6 QD adapter >> MOTOROLA WT4090/VOW/41N0 terminals (SC-QDIS&4090MKIT)
7 Smartphone holder (SHOL-CLIP1-PDA1) (incl. clip + fastening screws on the vest)
Charging preferences
AMPLIBOX® 2, chargeur 4 positions SP-IDSCH4

Serial power supply of the chargers with the optional cable, SC-POWER1&LINK, (up to 20 chargers, i.e. 80 x AMPLIBOX® 2)
All cables connect out of sight under the chargers
Switches are accessible on top of chargers
AMPLIBOX® 2, chargeur 1 position SP-IDSCH1

4 positions chargers
AMPLIBOX® 2, alimentation en série des chargeurs 4 positions SP-IDSCH4

Single charger

VOCAL VEST® 2 maintenance


Need to replace an accidentally cut cable or damaged component ?
Perform your own maintenance on site in seconds !
Save money with economical spare parts
Save more by reducing unnecessary spare parts !
Save waiting time by reducing part shipments !

VOCAL VEST® 2, pièces détachées simplifiées


Part numbers Description

SX-SPEAKER2 Speaker (for right and left use)​
SX-VEST1RMOUNT Right speaker mount​
SX-VEST1LMOUNT Left speaker mount
SX-FLEXMICRO2 Standard microphone (for use > +0°C)​
SC-BOX2A&MXLRF AMPLIBOX® 2 connection cable with the audio cable of the VOCAL VEST® 2
SC-J35M1&PDA1 AMPLIBOX® 2 cable for PDA / Smartphone​
SC-J35M1&QDIS/td> AMPLIBOX® 2 cable to Quick Disconnect® connectors​
SC-QDIS&VOC2/td> Quick Disconnect® to Vocollect® connector cable
SX-VV2-BELT Elastic belt with clips
SHOL-CLIP1-PDA1 Protective cover for smartphone / PDA with attachment clip​
SA-CLIP1-MOUNT2 Clip for AMPLIBOX® 2 and smartphone holder
SA-CLIP1-REAR Rear clip + fastening screws for AMPLIBOX® 2​
VOCAL VEST® 2, temps de maintenance allégé


# Description EDRT*

1 Microphone​ 30 seconds
2 Back straps 10 seconds
3 Elastic belt 4 minutes
4 Speaker (for left or right use) 30 seconds
5 Right speaker mount​ 5 minutes
6 Left speaker mount​ 5 minutes
7 Screw-on clip (for AMPLIBOX® 2) 4 minutes
8 VOCAL VEST® 2 audio cable 2 minutes
* Estimated Disassembly & Reassembly Time on the VOCAL VEST® 2
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